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Making isolation self-care 

Making isolation self-care 

 We thought it best to note on the current situation in the world right now, as we know first-hand anxieties can increase when all you’re hearing is stressful news and mania on socials. By taking each day as it comes and limiting news exposure, we’ve actively been spending more time focusing on self-care and our wellbeing. Here’s how we’re handling the situation and some ideas and how to spend your newfound time. 


Download headspace and make time in the morning and before bed to relax and tune into your body. Making this a daily ritual won’t only become a mindful habit but will benefit your mental health and keep your mind in tip top shape. Whether that’s for 5 minutes or 30, it’s important to keep calm and avoid excess stress in this unprecedented time.[Text Wrapping Break] 

Grab a book 

 Another mindful activity that most don’t always have time for but can transport you to another world – you’ve finally got chance to pick up that book you’ve been meaning to read for the past 6 months. Personally, we can’t get enough of audible, but either way, start dedicating time to reading or listening to stories, educational or health and wellbeing books. On our current wish list is: The Self-Care Revolution, Work Like A Woman and The Money is Coming. 

 Keep in touch 

Friendships don’t have to be put on hold during social distancing and self-isolation. Facetime your loved ones and make it a weekly date in your diary. Host a Netflix party and watch a film together, or even schedule a weekly quiz via zoom – if you can handle another one after the past 12 months! 

Above all, distance yourself as much as possible, stay safe and look after your family, friends and most importantly yourself.

Sending love, positivity and hope.